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Rexnord PSX 1873 RexAthletic Series Gripper Chain
Rexnord 1040 Series Magnetflex TableTop Chain
Rexnord 1500 Series MatTop Dynamic Nose-over Bar Upgrade
Metpack - 2017
Interpack 2017


Rexnord News and Events
Rexnord 6990 ESD4 Series MatTop Chain

For automotive applications with shorter conveyors that require Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) performance, Rexnord has developed the 6990 ESD4 Series MatTop Chain that is completely made from plastic.

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Rexnord 1553 LBP MatTop Chain

Designed specifically for today’s demanding tray-less conveying and accumulating applications, the Rexnord 1553 Low Backline Pressure (LBP) MatTop Chain is the latest addition to our comprehensive line of high-strength, transfer-efficient, conveying chain. The chain is ideal for smaller case, material and package handling applications.

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Rexnord 1020 Series MatTop Chain

The Rexnord 1020 Series MatTop Chain offers an all-around one-inch (25.4 millimeters) pitch modular chain solution for automotive floor conveyors. The 1020 Series MatTop Chain is developed for use in vehicle and people moving automotive applications.

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Meet Us At Brau Beviale 2015

Meet us in hall 7A, Stand 425 at BrauBeviale 2015 and discover what cost saving benefits Rexnord’s Engineered Sustainability product program could offer your company by improving operational safety, efficiency and productivity.

Rexnord MatTop Chain Evaluation Service

The Rexnord MatTop Chain Evaluation Service helps customers improve the lifetime of Rexnord Chain and minimize the risk of unscheduled downtime in a pasteurizer, warmer or cooler application.

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Raised Rib - 2000 Series Product Upgrade

The 2000 Series Raised Rib (RR) will be upgraded to the 2000 Series Raised Rib Heavy Duty (RRHD) design, to include the new robust nine inch (228.6mm) end module and upgraded clip design (red colored to increase visibility). This upgrade enhances the chain performance and reliability. The upgraded version will be available in XP (economic) and USP (superior chemical resistance) material.

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Rexnord Sprocket Color Change Announcement

Rexnord hereby announces that the color for plastic machined sprockets will be natural (white) as standard. Rexnord® offers a wide range of plastic machined sprockets for the various metal and plastic TableTop and MatTop Chain series. In order to serve the market needs and optimize delivery performance, the complexity in our offering of plastic machined sprockets will be reduced by standardizing on one color.

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Extra High Guide Rail

Improve your operation’s efficiency and profitability with Marbett extra high side guide rails. Part 887 extra high guide rail provides smooth consistent contact, low-friction and stable containment of big bottles on the conveyor. The metal profile can be made of carbon steel or aluminum, no stainless steel is needed, as the section of the side guide is closed and the profile can be protected by water or chemicals with simple silicon sealing at the two ends.

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Combi-L Magnetflex Curves Product Upgrade

Combi-L is based on our Combi curve design with the use of a special UHMWPE material for the upper part. The upgraded material has a higher amount of internal lubricant additives to reduce friction and noise. Combi-L (Black) replaces the original Combi-L (Light blue).

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Rexnord NSH 1500 MatTop Sprockets

The design of the molded Rexnord 1500 Series MatTop Sprockets has been improved. The sprockets combine a more hygienic design with quicker installation and are available in 24-tooth and 32-tooth executions.The Rexnord NSH 1500 MatTop Sprockets are designed to offer optimal engagement with all Rexnord 1500 Series MatTop executions, including versions with Double Positrack Tracking Guides.

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