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Rexnord PSX 1873 RexAthletic Series Gripper Chain
Rexnord 1040 Series Magnetflex TableTop Chain
Rexnord 1500 Series MatTop Dynamic Nose-over Bar Upgrade
Metpack - 2017


Company Profile
Rexnord TableTop® & MatTop® conveyor chains are the product of choice for a diverse variety of businesses, including bottlers, poultry processors, can manufacturers even the auto industry. Through the years, Rexnord has been responsible for technological advances in the design of conveyor chains and associated conveying components. Our dedication to new product development is evidenced by the breadth and depth of our product lines. Industries that move product from point A to B, in virtually any category from small parts, to large industrial products, to high-speed bottling, to dry food products and even car washes rely on Rexnord conveying products. Delicate conveyor products up to heavy-duty certifications, they know every chain stamped with the Rexnord brand has undergone extensive research and quality testing to ensure your conveying needs are met with the most economical, efficient and reliable means possible.

Mission Rexnord FlatTop
To be the best in the world at continuously improving our customers’ productivity through superior material handling solutions.

  • Rexnord invented the 815-Series TableTop® chain in 1938
  • Rexnord has a strong history and onging strategy to develop legenday and innovative conveyor chain and components solutions
  • FlatTop has manufacturing & office Locations in USA, Italy, Netherlands, China
  • FlatTop has implemented Rexnord Business System
  • FlatTop Global Distributor network in over 100 countries
  • Rexnord Corporation currently approx. 6,600 employees
Rexnord FlatTop Europe B.V. - The Netherlands
Rexnord FlatTop North America - USA
RMCC Deutschland Kette GMBH
Rexnord FlatTop S.R.L. - Italy
Rexnord FlatTop France
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